Ban Loy Fah


Each living experience must maintain the feeling of diversity in every visit. Be amazed by every single room with colorfully designed exterior and innovatively characterized interior scheme.

Ban Loy Fah
A collection of single-storied houses, inspired by goods-carrying container, flying highly above the ground with different concept by each one, to tempt you with the feeling of curiosity wanting to see what’s inside. Feel it, not imagine!

- Bird’s Nest
The very colorful bird’s nest alike, with a stunning design on the outside, can make you feel comfortable and safe like a bird in its nest but just only in human style.
Bird's Nest1
Bird's Nest2
Bird's Nest3
Bird's Nest4

- The Rock

A solid grey square house in a design of making you wonder what could hide in there. Actually, it creates a sense of being like a prisoner, except you only just live like a king.
The Rock1
The Rock2
The Rock3
The Rock4

- Vintage

From the outside, this house could be perceived to get along with the surrounding nature. It mixes a little bit of suburban smell with the former-time style. But then, the inside offers a touch of upper-class of the older days yet modern.

- Container

A typical yellow container as it is like you can see at the sea port. It is just not designed to carry goods as usual, but to comfort the guests, allowing them to sleep tight. However, you cannot get away from the container perception when inside.

- Logger’s House

Since it is a logger’s house, so woods they are!! Everything, both inside and outside, is just made of woods. A big tree with a big branch is good for a swing. So here it is, a sofa swing.
Logger's House1
Logger's House2
Logger's House3
Logger's House4
Logger's House5

- Canvas

A total camping-style house offers a feeling like you go out in the woods and lodge in a tent for a night or two. You get to experience the simple of life with no distraction from outside world.

- Bogie

If you wish to take a ride by train once in your life but in comfortable way, feel it here. We offer you a surreal train bogie with a two-storied bed. Feel the fun and imagine that you are travelling to somewhere but in Vartika Bogie.

- The Pipe

Yes, like the name says… are living in a pipe, actually blue pipe. Do not worry… is clean and it is chic. This room is quite spacious with the embedding of round blue pipe and a hint of round decoration.
The Pipe1
The Pipe2
The Pipe3
The Pipe4
The Pipe5

- Spaceship

All aboard!!! Should all Vartika astronauts buckle up because this spaceship is about to take off to the planet of fun. You have seen this in movie, right? Yes, you will see and feel it here.

- See-Thru
The special room with more space having the bedroom separated from the living room, striking the eyes with the red furniture and warm lighting. The advantage of this room is see-through window glass and you get to see the view of the adventure zone.

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